Erik Nieminen


Born: 1985, Ottawa, Canada (lives and works in Montreal)


2003-2007                           B.F.A. (Honours) University of Ottawa, Ottawa

2007-2010                           M.F.A. Concordia University, Montreal

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 „Metamorphosis I – Possible Worlds“, Galerie Kremers, Berlin

2020 “Freefall”, Galerie McClure, Montreal

2019 “Paradise”, High Line Nine (in collaboration with, New York City

2018                                    „ABOVE BELOW“, Galerie d’Art d’Outremont, Montreal

2016                                    „The Unreal“, Albemarle Gallery, London UK

2011                                     “Anonymous Reality”, Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa

2010                                    “Anonymous” MFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal

2006                                   “Man Machine”, Gallery 115, Ottawa

Group Exhibitions:

2020 “Salon des Refusés”, McBride Contemporary, Montreal

2020 “Green”, Nuit Blanche, Montreal

2019 “En Couleur”, Galerie McClure, Montreal

2019 “Small Formats”, Archive Contemporary, Montreal

2019 “Pending Issues”, Galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin

2019 “A ‘Stitch’ in Time”, Galerie Erga, Montreal

2019 The Moment Has Arrived, Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal

2019 Perspicacious Paintings, Galerie Erga, Montreal

2018                                   SCOPE Art Fair, Miami

2018                                   „Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series“, Centre Phi, Montreal

2018                                   „Anonymous Drawings“, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

2018                                   „London Island City Collective“, Albemarle/Pontone Gallery, London UK

2017                                    “Licht-Gestalten”, Frankfurt

2017                                    „Art²√Magic + Love“, Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

2016                                    „Konditionalgefüge“, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin 

2016                                    „I Sky You“, Magic Beans Gallery, Berlin

2015                                    „Open Art“, Toskana-Halle, Berlin

2015                                    “City of Ottawa Acquisitions”, Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa

2015                                    „Around the World in 30 Days“, The Ballery, Berlin 

2014                                    “Concurrent”, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver

2013                                    Kunsthalle Kreativstadt Weißensee, Berlin

2013                                    “Reflections”, Albemarle Gallery, London UK

2012                                    “Art” Kunsthalle Kreativstadt Weißensee, Berlin

2011                                    “December Choice 11”, Wallack Gallery, Ottawa

2010                                    “December Choice 10”, Wallack Gallery, Ottawa

2010                                    “Art and Technology: Intertwined Creative Ventures”, Mechtronix, Montreal

2009                                    “December Choice 09”, Wallack Gallery, Ottawa

2009                                    “Art 09”, Toronto

2009                                    “Time Off”, Galerie Art Mur, Montreal

2008                                    “Cinéma”, Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa

2008                                    “Shut Up and Paint”, MFA Gallery, Montreal

2008                                    “Strata”, Espace Artefacto, Montreal

2007                                    “De-Re-Construction”, University of Ottawa, Ottawa

2007                                    “Painting and Source,” Gallery 115, Ottawa

2006                                    “2006 VASA Art Contest Exhibition,” University of Ottawa, Ottawa

2005                                    “2005 Mayor’s Art Festival,” Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa

2001                                    “Les Artistes de Calligrammes saluent les IVes Jeux de la                                                                                     Francophonie”, Calligrammes Gallery, Ottawa


2019 Elizabeth Greenshields Award

2018 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Grand Prize Winner

2018                                     Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Regional Winner

2017                                     Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant

2014                                     Elizabeth Greenshields Award

2011                                      Elizabeth Greenshields Award

2010                                    “Art and Technology: Intertwined Creative Ventures”, 1st prize award.

2008                                    Lillian Vineberg Graduate Award in Painting and Drawing

2007                                    The Edmund and Isobel Ryan Visual Arts Scholarship for Painting

2007                                    Royal Canadian Academy Painting Scholarship Award

2006                                    VASA Exhibition Award


2020 Artist talk, UQAM.

2019 Radio Interview, CIBL 101,5 FM Montreal. Magazine Radio In Situ.

2018 “Into This”, podcast conversation with Marx Ruiz-Wilson

2016                                  Lecture: Post-Digital Painting, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin

2015                                  Artist Talk, Concordia University

2011                                   Artist Talk, Concordia University

2010-2011                          Artist Mentor, Jeunes Volontaires Program, Government of Quebec

2008-2009                       Teacher Assistant, Painting Class. (Juliana Espana Keller), Concordia University.

2007-2008                       Teacher Assistant, Painting Class. (Elise Bernatchez), Concordia University.


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