Howard Sherman

Howard Sherman was born in Houston, Texas in 1970 and lives and works in Houston and New York. Since receiving his Masters of Fine Arts in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas in 2006, Howard Sherman has led a new generation of contemporary painters in the Texas art world. Sherman’s typically human-sized canvases bear traces of his background as a cartoonist, balancing the loud, raw power of his aggressive strokes of color with a playful sense of humor. His smaller works on paper show an intuitive handling of materials and, with the simplest of means, allow complex types or states we can recognize immediately in a fascinating way – they hit the nail on the head. After numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums in Texas and New York, he ventured across the Atlantic for his first European solo exhibition at GALERIE KREMERS in Berlin. In addition to two larger works on canvas, we are showing several works on paper in different formats, the smallest from the “Document Shredder” series. Howard Sherman, Self-portrait as Kong, 2019, Acrylic, oil and marker on canvas, 177,8 x 152,4 cm Duration of the exhibition: 28.4. – 11.6.22

“Howard Sherman’s work draws us in with the immediacy of gesture that is perfectly balanced with vibrant color. What keeps us engaged is his potent combination of contradictions. In a single work, drips, splatters, and passages of energetic brushwork exist alongside hard-edged forms, figuration, and an occasional insertion of text. This all-inclusive method calls into question the boundaries of abstraction, and how far they can be pushed to create a successful work— something Sherman has built a career on doing… Like Philip Guston, Sherman appreciates the honesty and directness of the cartoon aesthetic. Guston’s early ambition was to be a cartoonist. Sherman was one before becoming a painter, and we see the impact it had in terms of figurative humor, as well as in his non-traditional color choices.”

– Andrea Karnes, Head curator at the Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth 



Words That Vibrate, 2021, Acrylic, canvas and marker, 177,8 x 152,4 cm

Self-portrait as Kong, 2019, Acrylic, oil, canvas and marker, 177,8 x 152,4 cm

Medium-Sized Paperworks

Disenchanted Youth #14, 2019, acrylic and marker on acid-free paper, 30,48 x 22,86 cm

Engine Drone # 15, 2019, Acrylic and marker on acid-free paper, 30,48 x 22,86 cm

Irrepressible Beast # 19, 2021, Acrylic and spray paint on acid-free paper, 30,48 x 22,86 cm

Small Paperworks

Document Shredder #4, #5, #7, #8, #21, #23, #30, #32, #33, #34, 2022, Acrylic and marker on acid-free paper, 22,86 x 15,24 cm

Large Paperworks

The Private Intellectual, 2021, Acrylic, charcoal, spray paint and marker on acid-free paper, 142,24 x 106,68 cm