Chamber of Wonder – Fiona Ackerman visits Friedrich Meckseper

Fiona Ackerman, Revolution

Summer Songs II

Fiona Ackerman: The Yellow Wallpaper

Howard Sherman – Self-portrait as Kong

Howard Sherman, Self-portrait as Kong

Juan Logan – Elegies for Lost Souls

Juan Logan, Talisman

Karl Kunz and Ernst Weil – Two important postwar Painters in a Dialogue


Hokuspokus – The Artist as Shaman

Erik Nieminen – Metamorphosis I – Possible Worlds

Fiona Ackerman – Metamorphosis II – The Cosmic Tiger


Adébayo Bolaji – Between Two Worlds

Uwe Bremer – Viruses and their Manners or Coronary Comments

Gregor Hiltner Larktree Soundsculpture

Paul Schwietzke – A Fresh Breeze at the BER and other surreal ecstasies

Natascha Mann – In a Color Frenzy – Narrative Painting Behind Glass


100 Years Ernst Weil – Virtuous Painting against the Zeitgeist

Taher Jaoui – Opening Dimension

The New Abstract – An Atlantic Bridge – USA – BERLIN

Christian Achenbach, Jenni Brosinski, Jonni Cheatwood, Gregor Hiltner, Taher Jaoui, Alan Neider, Robert Szot, Taylor A. White

Taher Jaoui and Taylor A. White

Rübezahl – Störtebeker – Tannhäuser – The Giant (Woodcuts) of the four Rixdorfer Bremer, Schindehütte, Vennekamp, Waldschmidt


On paper III

Fiona Ackerman – Try to see it my way

Taylor A. White – Memories of a Carpet Monster


Uwe Bremer – Baron Samedi


Vitaly Medvedovsky – Homeland and Heroes


Peter Angermann – Sehners Kühe

on paper II

James Brown


Fiona Ackerman – Glasslands

Fiona Ackerman – Archives

Ernst Weil – In the Boxing Ring

Ernst Weil in his Paris studio

real – surreal – hyperreal

Thom. Rauchfuß – Schrott

Informel Encounters

Peter Casagrande o.T.


Gregor Hiltner – Chapter 3

Gregor Hitner –

Uwe Bremer – Quantum – Poetic Excursions

Uwe Bremer – Stilllebenzerfall


Timur Celik – Karin

Fiona Ackerman – Mirror in the Mirror

Fiona Ackerman – Main Exit


Masterworks of Printmaking

Johannes Grützke

Abstract 3 – Generations